Project: Building and Architecture: Sealing and management of the landfill on Corn Island

Building and Architecture
Urbanism and adaptation of spaces
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Project carried out for the Town Hall of Corn Island (Nicaragua), which consisted of waterproofing and sealing a landfill on the island.

Waterproofing and sealing of a landfill on this Caribbean island, whose approximate volume of waste is 15,000m³. After spreading and shaping the existing waste, a layer of select granular material measuring 50cm in thickness was placed on top of the waste. Next, a geotextile cover, a waterproof sheet of 2mm HDPE, followed by a second layer of geotextile are then placed on top of the first material, and finally, another 50cm of granular material is spread on top. The solution adopted also includes the construction of a new landfill premises for non-hazardous waste, consisting of three landfill cells and equipped with a system for capturing and treating leachate.

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