Project: Health and Sanitation: Health Monitoring of Poultry Farms

Health and Sanitation
Animal health
Geographic data:
Madrid, España
Start date:
End date:

Collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAGRAMA) in the implementation and review of Salmonella monitoring, control and eradication measures throughout Spain, to achieve the prevalence targets required by European standards.

This involves the following activities:
-Collaboration with official veterinarians in the adaptation of national legislation to Community legislation.
- Technical consultancy to poultry producers in the implementation and improvement of biosecurity measures on their farms.
-Organization and delivery of training courses for official veterinarians and poultry producers.
-Sanitary slaughter and cleaning, disinfection and extermination work, in poultry farms infected with zoonotic salmonella.
-Collaboration with MAGRAMA in preparing Salmonella surveillance reports for the European Commission.

  • Worker disinfecting poultry farms
  • Workers examining the facilities
  • Worker disinfecting the poultry farm
  • Hens slaughtered in the farm
Worker disinfecting poultry farms

Worker disinfecting poultry fa

Workers examining the facilities

Workers examining the faciliti

Worker disinfecting the poultry farm

Worker disinfecting the poultr

Hens slaughtered in the farm

Hens slaughtered in the farm

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