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Avant-garde engineering and technology. 

Established in 1989 as subsidiary company of the parent company Tragsa, Tragsatec is an innovative company for the development of engineering and leader in avant-garde technology.

Tragsatec carries out engineering, consultancy and technical support activities in terms of agriculture, forests and rural, environmental and marine development, both with studies and projects and technical services.

Tragsatec relies on a solid computer support for the execution of its works, which uses state-of-the-art technical resources, including the use of tools in the field of Geographic Information Systems, Web development on the market leading technologies, to support the Administration’s management, production, management and exploitation of national agricultural and environmental data bases, as well as the incorporation of emerging technologies thanks to a determined R&D&I policy.

Since November 2010, Tragsatec has incorporated to its action range the functions that used to be entrusted to Tragsega, which, since it was established in 2001, was in charge of the execution of actions, works and provision of services in the animal husbandry and animal world sectors, as well as of food quality and safety, public health and the environmental issues related to the fauna.