Development Cooperation Projects

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In 2004 the Solidarity Fund of Grupo Tragsa was founded to support non-governmental social initiatives. Made up of contributions from its financial activity, the management of this Fund is entrusted to the Cooperation Committee, composed of the employees and members of the Company Management, who select projects, monitor their progress and prepare the annual foundation for the meetings.

Beneficiary of a cooperation proyect

The assessment criteria for the selection of the development cooperation projects are defined and published on an annual basis on the website of Grupo Tragsa. The process is regulated by an internal procedure of selection and award.

The experience of NGO’s in cooperation projects and awareness is taken into account when there are questions of actions in countries where Grupo Tragsa has the avenue to enable the monitoring of projects; and that they are within the bounds of action of the company to be able to set the corresponding meetings.

Meeting Resolution 2015

At the last meeting, that corresponded to 2015, a total of 21 development cooperation proposals were received, to approve financing of projects in the following countries:



  • 5 in Bolivia
  • 1 in Colombia
  • 2 in Ecuador
  • 3 in Nicaragua
  • 4 in Peru


  • 2 in Senegal
  • 4 in Mali

The proposal selected by the Cooperation Committee was: “Integral development of the indigenous communities of Uros Capi in Puno (Peru)”, of the Manos Unidas NGO. This project will contribute to strengthening the capabilities of 120 families, primarily the indigenous Quechua and Aymara communities, through aquaculture development, sustainable productivity and the promotion of hygiene and nutritional habits. 

Participating in the project of integral development of indigenous communities


Current balance

The initial figures since the establishment of the Solidarity Fun are the following:

  • 18 collaborating NGOs
  • 23 subsidized projects
  • 12 countries receiving aid
  • More than 1,500,000 euros provided by Grupo Tragsa. 

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