Our Values

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The Tragsa Group believes in the future, which is why it is committed, in all its activities, to a model of sustainable growth that will contribute to social, economic and environmental development.

And it does so with transparency and competitiveness, because these two premises are fundamental to offering quality service, an immediate response and effective management; and also because it understands that there is no better way to fulfil all the expectations as a public company at the service of society.


To provide the public authorities comprehensive solutions in any type of environmental need, rural development or management of natural resources, through a highly qualified staff, the use of innovative technologies and adhering to the most demanding quality standards. And the Tragsa Group undertakes to achieve this mission with the utmost respect for the environment, minimizing its impact even in emergency situations that require the most urgent response.


To be a leader in the implementation of actions for the public administrations as a comprehensive supplier of services, offering innovative solutions that combine social development and protection of the environment, and transferring the knowledge acquired at the international level.


Responsibility, integrity and transparency

The Tragsa Group understands responsibility as the commitment to go beyond fulfilling the legal obligations of its activity. To this end, it acts with integrity, maintaining an ethical approach that generates confidence on the basis of the transparency of its management and a model of honest and continuous communication with customers, partners and the rest of the interest groups.

Efficiency, quality, and global outlook

The companies of the Group assume efficiency as a guiding principle in all their activities. To achieve this, they pursue optimization in the use and management of resources and offer continuous improvement in the quality of their services and processes, fulfilling objectives consistent with their mission as companies at the service of society.

Anticipation and innovation

A faithful reflection of a dynamic social environment and a culture in an ongoing state of transformation, the Tragsa Group strives to continuously anticipate the potential needs of its clients and collaborators. With an approach based on innovation, it is able to propose the best practices and always provide creative solutions.

Respect for the environment

Especially committed to respecting the environment, in all its activities the Tragsa Group looks for solutions that are environmentally-friendly and contribute to the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity.

Commitment to its staff

The entire organization is involved in creating a safe and healthy work environment where respect for difference, equal opportunity and the personal development of its employees are a reality.

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