Tragsa Brasil

Tragsa Brasil Desarrollo de Proyectos Agrarios, LTDA, is a limited liability company, whose establishment was approved by the Spanish Council of Ministers on January 11, 2013, granting the deed of incorporation on March 4, 2013.

Tragsa Brasil's activity focuses on the design, development and implementation of environmental and sustainable development projects, creating infrastructure, managing and promoting the agricultural sector and providing consulting services.


Most significant activities

  • Firefighting in the state of Tocantins. Recruitment and training of forest fire brigades spread throughout the state of Tocantins in eight municipalities, on behalf of the Secretariat of the Environment and Sustainable Development, being the first company to perform a job of these characteristics in the state of Tocantins.
  • Creation and management of watersheds in the state of Tocantins.
  • Running of the water supply network for the Water Consortium of Maraba.
  • Running of the basic sewer system in the municipality of Santarem.
  • Running of the water supply network and water treatment plant in the municipality of Itaituba.


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