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    ·         37 years successfully managing projects.
    ·         Presence in every province of Spain's 17 Autonomous Communities.
    ·         An annual investment of €2.6 million in R&D&I, with 21 projects in collaboration with 80 Spanish and foreign institutions.
    ·         ISO 9001, 14001, EMAS and Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.
    ·        120 Spanish cooperation projects in more than 35 countries of North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
    ·         A staff of nearly 10,000 highly qualified professionals.
    ·        5 machinery parks, 2 prefabricated concrete plants (one in León and another in Bolivia) and own nursery.
    ·        Mobile park with more than 1,800 units between vehicles and heavy machinery (forestry and earthmoving).

Areas of Activity


More than 1,800 projects per year on average, both for the Spanish public administrations as well as across the globe.
Reforestation of more than 145,000 hectares of protective vegetation cover, and conservation of an additional 212,000 hectares.


3,500 projects in the fields of land, river, sea and air engineering, in the last three years.
Construction of more than 7,000 kilometers of nature trails.

Building and Architecture

Maintenance, conservation and restoration of Spain's historical and artistic heritage in 900 towns.


Execution of more than 170 projects for the modernization of irrigation networks throughout the entire Spanish territory.
Benefiting more than 290,000 farmers with water rights and improving the competitiveness of agribusinesses.

Agricultural Production, Fisheries and Food Services Farming

More than 400 projects in the last decade.
Management of waste facilities and landfills, such as the landfill of La Chureca, Managua (Nicaragua), with 500,000 tons annually.

Health and Sanitation

2,700 projects throughout its history, more than 600 carried out in the past two years.
Management and control of traceability by managing more than 786,000 livestock farms and recording more than 42,000,000 animals and 15,000,000 movements per year in the Animal Traceability System.

Studies, Technical Support and Consultancy

More than 1,200 projects in the past four years, 13 of them carried out internationally.
IT Solutions for Public Administrations, such as the Electronic Court Records System which involved the processing of nearly 37,000,000 images and the generation and cataloguing of more than 2,500,000 documents.


2,000 professionals specialized and trained in emergency response tasks.
Hands-on training program with more than 100 courses, taken by more than 30,000 people over the last ten years.

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