Project: Foreign Trade Computer System (CEXGAN) and Program of Measures for the Promotion of Products

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This project seeks to strengthen and improve the management of exports of livestock products, in order to stimulate the internationalization of companies in this sector by improving the Livestock Foreign Trade computer system which controls the certification of the export processes.

The creation of a new CEXGAN 2.0 as a single point of contact for exporters and administrations involved, currently in the development phase, will be a great technological advance by speeding up the process of veterinary certification, which is essential for the export of animals and livestock products, meeting the needs of almost 4,000 users with an average of 250 operations per day.
To do so, this public service will set up an architecture directed at the Domain Driven Design (DDD) domain which, by identifying a series of design and style patterns, will enable tackling the projects in their life cycle and designing a software suited to each type of business. Among other technical benefits, DDD will offer sustainability, extensibility, and a great capacity to withstand the expected increase in future demand.
In addition to this public service, a User Support Service will be offered and improvements will be made in the information provided to those operating in the potential markets and the export process, with the overall goal of improving the management of exports made by domestic companies.

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