Project: Improvement and modernization of irrigation in the communities of farmers with water rights in the P

Irrigation and drainage
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Boadilla del Camino, Palencia, España
Start date:
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The objective of this project is to perform the modernization works on the irrigable area of the Canal del Pisuerga canal, situated between the municipal districts of Herrera de Pisuerga, Itero, Lantadilla, Melgar de Yuso, San Llorente, Ventosa and Zarzosa (Palencia).

The work on the irrigation networks has required the installation of high-voltage and tele-management modules in all the sections, as well as the complete renovation of Section E, including its pumping station, irrigation network, low and high voltage.
The works entailed modernizing Section C, which includes the sections of Melgar de Yuso, Itero de la Vega and Lantadilla, involving an irrigable area of 2,513.47 ha. and requiring a 67m.c.a. pressure flow at its source to supply its 64.267 km of 140 mm and 160 mm-diameter piping which distributes the water to 303 irrigation associations.
The facilities of Section D were also renovated, belonging to the municipality of Melgar de Fernamental, with a surface area of 1,195.53 ha, which requires a 64 m.c.a. pressure flow at its source. This network has a total length of 34.014 km, with pipes ranging in diameter between 140 and 1,400 mm, which distribute the water to 158 irrigation associations.
Finally, the activity in Section E involved the renovation of the irrigation system in the municipalities of Herrera de Pisuerga, Ventosa and Zarzosa, with a total area of 489.68 ha, which requires a 56 m.c.a. pressure flow at the source. This network, which supplies water to 53 associations, has a total length of 13.496 km, consisting of pipes that range in diameter between 140 mm and 800 mm.

  • Maquinaria trabajando en la renovación de las instalaciones
  • Tendido eléctrico
Maquinaria trabajando en la renovación de las instalaciones
Tendido eléctrico

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