Project: Andalusia's Alert and Phytosanitary Information Network (RAIF)

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Andalusia's Alert and Phytosanitary Information Network (RAIF) provides up-to-date information available on the website of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Autonomous Government of Andalusia, on the phytosanitary status of the crops in Andalusia.

The data based on which the phytosanitary information on the different plant crops is prepared comes from the technicians of the Associations for Integrated Processing in Agriculture (ATRIAS), from the Associations of Integrated Production (APIs) and those obtained by its own network of 750 field technicians distributed throughout each province.
First, the so-called "biological areas" were defined. These are areas in which, due to their agro-ecological characteristics, it is deduced that the crops behave similarly, and therefore, it is possible to provide homogeneous information that can be extrapolated to the whole crop.
The collection of this data for each type of crop is carried out on a weekly basis throughout their cycle, at the Biological Control Stations, where technicians observe the phenology or the presence of potential pests and diseases.
In total, the RAIF has 6,162 Biological Control Stations, spread throughout Andalusia, for all the crops on which it reports. Similarly, it is also vital to have information on the climate situation in the crop areas, which is why the RAIF has a network of more than 150 Automatic Weather Stations, whose information is also available in its website.

  • Cultivo arroz
  • Cultivo algodón
  • Cultivo de olivares
Cultivo arroz
Cultivo algodón
Cultivo de olivares

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