Project: Physical and legal clearing of properties in the territory of Spain's ADIF railway system (Extremadu

Road infrastructure
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The objective of this project was to perform the physical and legal clearing of 96 plots of land and houses in different railway premises belonging to various towns in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.

The works, which mainly concerned the towns of Arroyo de Malpartida (Cáceres) and Almorchón, in the municipal district of Cabeza del Buey (Badajoz), were divided into two phases: Physical and legal clearing of land.
The first phase consisted of performing a visual scan of the entire area, carrying out a census and inspection of homes and plots in order to assess their conservation status, and preparing a planimetric survey in accordance with the applicable regulations of ADIF.
The second phase, the legal clearing, consisted of analyzing the internal and external document repositories, evaluating the management of urban planning and generation of transcribable titles, as well as the documentation and management of modifications made in records at the land registry and regularization of the registry.

  • Parcelas y casas abandonadas
  • Casas poblado
Parcelas y casas abandonadas
Casas poblado

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