Project: Construction of the Villuercas Nature Trail (Cáceres)

Road infrastructure
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Cáceres, España
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With the construction of the Villuercas Nature Trail, the nature trails program seeks to recover the cattle trails and old publicly-owned roads in Extremadura

The Nature Trails now constitute an optimal instrument for promoting a new outdoor leisure and sports culture that doesn't involve motorized vehicles. To achieve this, in April 2009, the realization of the project "Works for the construction of the Villuercas Nature Trail" got underway with the aim of preserving the area's historical and cultural heritage, which risks falling into oblivion or disappearing completely, in a way that would allow eco-tourism initiatives to be developed, according to the new social demands, representing a quality option for rural and eco-tourism in the region.
In this way, the purpose of the Las Villuercas Nature Trail is to act as a link between the Via Verde de la Jara Nature Trail in the Autonomous Community of Castilla La Mancha, which ends in the seaside town of San Vicente, and that of the Vegas del Guadiana Greenway Nature Trail, which ends in the town of Logrosán.
By consolidating the objectives of the Nature Trails Program of the Ministry of Environment, which aims to strengthen a network of nature trails, creating an infrastructure for leisure, tourism, sport and education, in November 2011 completed the construction of the natural path of Las Villuercas, enabling the union of the natural way Las Vegas of the Guadiana river (Badajoz) with the way Natural Green Route de la Jara (Toledo), through a path of 75.90 km in length, which runs through the municipal districts of Logrosán), Dr Cañamero, Guadalupe, Alia and Puerto de San Vicente.
Its main stretch starts at the railway station in Logrosán (Cáceres), and ends at the old railway station in Santa Quiteria (Toledo).
The first part of the track runs along public roadways to Puertollano, continuing afterwards along cattle tracks, such as the Cordel de Ganados del Camino de Logrosán, the Cañada Real Leonesa, and the Cordel de Merinas cattle tracks.
From the Collado de Gaitanejos mountain pass, located 2 km from the Silvadillo river, there is fork leading up to Guadalupe (Cáceres) which travels the whole way along the public road from Castilblanco (Badajoz).

  • Camino de madera construido entre montañas
  • Vía pecuaria que pasa por debajo de un acueducto
  • Zona de descanso con bancos y mesa de madera
Camino de madera construido entre montañas
Vía pecuaria que pasa por debajo de un acueducto
Zona de descanso con bancos y mesa de madera

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