Project: Installation of a photovoltaic solar energy plant at the Defence Ministry headquarters

Urbanization and electrification
Geographic data:
Madrid, España
Start date:
End date:

The General Directorate of Infrastructures of the Ministry of Defence commissions the installation of a solar photovoltaic power station on the terrace of the 9th floor of its headquarters in Madrid, in order to produce electricity for personal consumption.

To encourage the use of sustainable renewable energies, which mean a significant decrease of air-polluting emissions, mainly SO2, NOx, CO and CO2, and allow for greater energy efficiency in the medium term, reducing consumption, and optimizing the government's energy costs, a metallic structure made of aluminium and galvanized steel was installed to fasten the photovoltaic modules in place.
The electricity grid required single-phase inverters, electrical panels of direct and alternating current and interconnections.
Finally, the set up of the 120 panels of monocrystalline silicon cells was completed with the installation of a meteorological station, and a remote motorization system

  • Paneles solares
Paneles solares

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