Project: Support for socio-economic initiatives to stimulate the sustainable development of natural spaces

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Sevilla, España
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The project consisted of capturing and advising new businesses, supporting and monitoring others, either to improve the dissemination of their artisanal products and services, or to implement sustainable practices linked to the protected space of those who operate within the tourist industry

The physical scope of these work plans have been the Protected Natural Spaces of the Community and the regulatory framework, the Sustainable Development Plans, which included other binding initiatives, such as the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism or the trademark Natural Parks of Andalusia.
This European Charter is a document designed by Europarc which reflects the commitment of the managers of protected natural spaces and the professionals of the sector to support the practice of sustainable tourism in these spaces. Andalusia, with 20 spaces and some 200 supporting companies, is the European leader in this initiative.
For its part, the trademark Natural Parks in Andalusia, is a quality label of the Autonomous Government of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucia) which nearly 200 companies already have by virtue of the homemade and natural products that are produced in the parks or by virtue of the tourist services that are offered at the parks.
All these actions are aimed at promoting the economic sustainability of the protected territories, promoting tourism, the handicraft and food industry, which favour growth without damaging the environment. In Andalusia, there are various initiatives with this philosophy in which local, regional, national and international entities are involved, which organize training workshops, business networks and tourism packages around these sectors.

  • Mapa con ruta ornitológica
  • Exposición de productos artesanales y agroalimentarios
Mapa con ruta ornitológica
Exposición de productos artesanales y agroalimentarios

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