Project: Support for the operation and exploitation of information systems on control of the sanitary quality

Supply of water
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The Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality coordinates four information systems on the sanitary quality of the waters: SINAC, ALDAGUA, NAYADE and ATLANTIS.

This technical support in the management and administration of information systems consists of managing queries from individuals, industry professionals and public administrations about the information systems, substances for the treatment of drinking water, materials in contact with drinking water, and laboratories.
Another essential aspect of this assistance is maintaining the laboratory census on quality control of drinking water. As established by the current regulations, the laboratories carry out a control of the indicator parameters of the quality of water intended for human consumption.
These jobs are regularly complemented with technical advice and support for meetings of experts, technical committees and working groups.

  • Mapa de España con indicaciones de calidad de aguas
Mapa de España con indicaciones de calidad de aguas

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