Project: Integral development of the neighbourhood of Acahualinca

Landfills and solid waste treatment
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Development and subsequent implementation of a project aimed at resolving the problem of the Managua neighbourhood where the "La Chureca" landfill is located.

Under the leadership of the AECID (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development), the work undertaken consisted of:

• Improvement of urban planning and the quality of life for the local population.
• Social and human development.
• Technological improvement of municipal solid waste treatment and bringing dignity to the activity.
• Stimulation and development of the rural economy.
• Sealing of the landfill and construction of the urban waste classification plant.

The main achievements of the project can be summarized as follows: a recycling plant, complete urban development with social services (drinking water, electricity, and channelling of rainwater), construction of areas for sports and leisure activities, a cultural community centre, a trade school for vocational training, and a police station.

  • Vista general de las viviendas sociales construidas en el vertedero de
Vista general de las viviendas sociales construidas en el vertedero de

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