Project: Department of the operation of the fishing and oceanographic research vessel "Miguel Oliver"

Agricultural Production, Fisheries and Food Services Farming
Operation of vessels
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The activities included in this project involved providing the vessel "Miguel Oliver" with specialized staff to allow the vessel to participate in fisheries and/or oceanographic research campaigns, and to comprehensively manage the operation

Other important aspects included in this program are the maintenance and technical failure operations (acquisition, replacement and full maintenance of the ship, from its own structure to the spare parts, equipment and furniture), as well as agent and port management services, taking out a Protection and Indemnity (P&I) insurance policy and an insurance policy to cover the navigation of the ship.
Similarly, this third research vessel of the fishing and oceanographic fleet of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, has insurance to cover the maintenance of its internal communications, as well as communication with the equipment required for the proper operation of the ship. The project also assumes taking care of other aspects involving representation and protocol, advertising and public relations.

  • Buque Miguel Oliver
  • Operarios manipulando alimento en el interior del buque
Buque Miguel Oliver
Operarios manipulando alimento en el interior del buque

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