Project: Support for the maintenance, operation and conservation of the Automatic Hydrological Information Sy

Management and planning of water resources
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This project consisted of designing and implementing an Automatic Hydrological Information System for the maintenance of the Júcar river basin, which was a breakthrough for the sustainable use of the water resources and an improvement in the economy, health and agricultural production in the area

The maintenance and renovation of this new method of water management involved a full intervention that began on the ground with the cleaning and repairs required by the points for monitoring the gauging points of the rivers and canals.
In order to carry out the electro-mechanical maintenance operations on this network, which require continuous checks and periodic adjustment of control sensors, power and communication systems, we had to make repairs and replace broken and obsolete equipment with other more effective equipment.
All of this was complemented by the development of plans and maintenance reports, as well as their daily monitoring, submission of incidents, plan and design of repairs and technical solutions that ensure achievement of the project's objectives.
A computer system capable of managing the hydrographic control of this entire network was developed, whose future maintenance (equipment, software, upgrades, and management of servers) is also envisaged in the project as a mandatory requirement.

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