Project: Census chart of vessels from third countries and support for the control of fishing at the Customs O

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The purpose of this project is to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, primarily supporting Fishing Control at Customs on the entry of fishery products coming from third countries, mainly swordfish, red tuna, bigeye tuna and Patagonian toothfish.

One of its important achievements was the preparation of a comprehensive file on all the vessels of third-party countries that unload goods in Spain, with a description of the technical characteristics of the vessel. A database of images of the vessels was also created, facilitating their correct identification.
The taking of samples of the imports of fishery products that come to Spain, by port or airport, will enable having them undergo a genetic authentication analysis in order to identify the precise origin of these species, even those derivatives that are heavily processed. This analysis is carried out using advanced tools that enable verifying the quality and purity of these imported species with the highest degree of reliability.

  • Atunes Rojos
Atunes Rojos

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