Project: Connection of the Ermua-Zaldibar-Mallabia sewer pipe with the Lower Deba sewer pipe in Eibar (Gipuzk

Sanitation and cleaning
Geographic data:
Ermua, Bizkaia, España
Start date:
End date:

The objective of this project was to resolve the serious contamination problem in the Ego river, caused by the wastewater from Ermua, Zaldibar and Mallabia, and to collect the wastewater in the Lower Deba sewer pipes.

To make the connection between sewer pipes, it was necessary to begin by drawing the layout and digging the ditch where the 381 meters of pipe measuring 1,200 mm in internal diameter would be laid, filling and sealing the ends.
In addition to drawing this layout, a 63 m section for 1,000 mm pipes had to be buried in Ermua, and another 15 m section had to be built above ground to create a detour around the bed of the Ego river when passing through Ermua.
The pipe work also required building three manholes. The first measures 2.25 by 2.25 by 3 meters and is for the underground pipe connection and the crossing of the Ego river; the second measures 5 m in diameter by 9.50 m in height, and is located inside the pile exit chamber; and the third, measuring 4,100 mm by 5,350 mm by 5,000 mm in height, inside the access chamber.

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