Project: Design of a national network of silos, project design and implementation of a network of silos in Sa

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Project to define the storage needs of the country and, more particularly, the region of Saint Louis

Project consisting of three parts:
- providing technical assistance to carry out the design of a network for storing agricultural products for all of Senegal, giving priority to the production of cereal, within the framework of food security and the country's agricultural policies and programs. It is carried out in two phases: the diagnostic phase, which includes identifying the reality and problems in the country, and the planning phase, where proposals are put forth. The next step is reorganizing the proposals with all the stakeholders involved and producing the final document.
- providing more detailed technical assistance to address the storage needs in the region of Saint Louis, in a way that enables defining the key product (identifying the rice), the necessary storage capacity, the building typology of the warehouses and how to manage the warehouses to make the project viable in the long term.
- starting the construction of the warehouses of the pilot network of Saint Louis. As part of this project, 3 warehouses are constructed: 2 in Mbagam and 1 in Diawar

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Silos construidos

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