Project: Surveys on crop areas and yields and supply of citrus fruits in the Valencian Community

Studies, Technical Support and Consultancy
Management and control of aid and subsidies
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The purpose of this project was to perform the "Survey on Crop Areas and Crop Yields in the Geographical Area", as well as the "Supply of Citrus Fruit" in the region of Valencia in 2013 and review of plots of hybrid citrus fruits, in order to broaden and define the areas where hives are built.

The main objectives of this survey were to determine the surface areas occupied by the main crops and floor covers, know their yields, collect information about the varieties and other characteristics of certain species of fruit trees, and to characterize the crop lands and fallows from the point of view of the techniques of use and maintenance used in their exploitation.

  • Cultivo Naranjo
  • Cultivo col
  • Cultivo nabo
Cultivo Naranjo
Cultivo col
Cultivo nabo

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