Project: On-Board Electronic Journal (DEA) and Communications Center

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Consulting, applications and IT developments
Geographic data:

The DEA consists of two complementary tools: the On-Board Electronic Journal, wich recording and electronically sending data relating to the fishing activity of the Spanish ships; and the Communications Center, which is in charge of receiving, validating, and managing this information.

This easy-to-use and intuitive interface for recording information takes advantage of the infrastructures and communication systems currently available on all the ships, using any equipment based on satellite systems with Internet Protocol (IP) data service, with Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) support.
The DEA application has a built-in geolocation system, completely independent of the ship's management and communications equipment, which even enables the storing and encryption of the information in an alternative transmission subsystem in cases of failure of the primary system, which not only allows real-time monitoring of the fishing activities, but also enables establishing other levels of information, such as the historical data of tides, and it can be consulted by third parties in a secure and controlled manner.
The management of all this data received at the Communications Center also allows sharing the data with other countries or regional fisheries organizations in real time, through the ERS (Electronic Reporting System) information protocol.
The work of these two tools for controlling and aiding fisheries inspection provides better management of the communications and alerts to the fisheries inspectors, which is essential for maintaining a system of sustainable use of marine resources.

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