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The Tragsa Group closely collaborates with Public Administrations in the development of systems for the management and optimization of forestry, agricultural and fisheries production, as well as waste treatment. The catalogue of services grows with numerous activities of information and advice, legal, technical, professional, labor management, planning and health management.

Our team is comprised of professionals who are qualified in different fields, covering the broad spectrum of needs that may arise in each farm. We are a means of advising, management and control. We respond through the implementation of sustainable plans, maximizing profitability for full satisfaction of our customers.

The Tragsa Group is leader in agricultural production, the quality of its services and programs has high degree of call, acceptance, public and private, and ability to build consensus around the development of activities for the sector.

Analysis of the fishing industry with services for the identification of opportunities, service operation of ships for oceanographic research as the "Miguel Oliver" is also performed.

The long catalogue of performances and services include: support for improved pick-up of stray domestic animals, environmental sustainability, food service and information on foreign trade for products of animal origin for the promotion of Spanish products abroad.

Relevant data from our agricultural activities:

  • More than 35 years of experience
  • More than 1,400 employees on average in recent years
  • In the year 2013 were 214 performances
  • Field performance nationally and internationally
  • R&D&i: 5 projects in development
  • 4 activity dedicated to the agricultural sector with respect to the total of the activity of the Tragsa Group


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