Building and Architecture

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Spanish State regional and local public administrations have a huge real estate dedicated to the most varied uses. Given the age of some buildings, the need for adaptation to the new services demanded by society and legislation are essential. The Tragsa Group has created a unit specializing in matching spaces creating a division of building and architecture as if it were a town planning company in charge of the rehabilitation of buildings.

The Tragsa approximation to this sector is comprehensive, with capacity of management of large construction projects architecture and urbanism. Covering the implementation of architectural studies and engineering, agro-industrial construction works of rehabilitation and construction of new buildings, energy adequacy of buildings, advice and support in acquisition or disposal of heritage work.

In all these proceedings, the Tragsa Group integrates the latest technological advances to achieve the efficiency and life of their future use, taking care to always establish a respectful dialogue with the natural or urban environment where it develops each performance.

For them it has a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals that guarantee the quality of the projects, the requirements of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Highlights of our activity in building and architecture:

  • 25 years experience in the sector of the adequacy of spaces
  • More than 1200 employees in the division of urban planning
  • More than 400 performances in rehabilitation of buildings
  • Scope national action and international
  • R&D&i: 2 projects in development
  • 9 activity dedicated to urban planning with respect to the total of the activity of the Tragsa Group


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