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Key in the prevention of disasters does not lie only in its management and solution once happened, the real emergency management occurs much earlier and it is several stages: prevention, preparedness, immediate response and recovery.

When a forest fire or a health emergency occurs, will require experienced teams, with a capacity of specific tools and response staff willing to address it immediately.

The employment of the most advanced technology, a highly prepared professional team and the great logistical capacity for the deployment of emergency field devices, makes the Tragsa Group a pioneer in rapid responses at a delicate time. We have a unit of emergency experienced in all kinds of environmental disasters: earthquakes, fires, pollution by hazardous leaks...

Significant data on emergency actions:

  • More than 36 years of experience
  • Team of 80 specialists in coordination of emergency
  • 77 performances were held in 2013. 10 of the total staff of the Tragsa Group is formed and available to any disaster
  • National and international scope
  • R&D&i: 7 projects in development
  • 2 activity dedicated to emergency services with respect to the total of the Group's activity

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