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More than 25 years dedicated to the sustainable development of the environment, the Tragsa Group has become one of the most experienced in the care of biodiversity, wildlife protection and afforestation.

Those biodiversity conservation works have a highly technological component. Using leading-edge technology gets improve assigned production, being both sustainable and multifunctional. Treatments that materialized silviculture, a very special field are carried out and where most of the performances are made in afforestation.

Protection and management of wildlife includes actions such as: use hunting and fisheries, protection of specific species, evaluation of the harmful processes, protection of biodiversity through incorporation of targets of interest in the legislation relating to the environment by adopting new laws.

The path of recovery include: upgrading of natural terrestrial and marine areas, as well as the protection and recovery of threatened animal and plant species, hunting and fish exploitation, prevention and fight against forest fires, carrying out studies for the regeneration of soils and aquifers and river engineering works. Everything under one common denominator: the pursuit of sustainability of the natural environment through agile management by applying technological solutions.

Relevant data from our activity on the environment:

  • More than 36 years of experience
  • More than 2,500 employees on annual average. To which are added other 3,000 dedicated to surveillance and fire fighting
  • Nearly 1,500 performances annually
  • National and international scope
  • R&D&i: 9 projects in development
  • A 29 activity dedicated environment with respect to the total of the activity of the Tragsa Group

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