Animal Health

Tragsatec is a leader in the study, monitoring, control and eradication of diseases in domestic animals and wildlife that can generate economic losses in the livestock sector and affect public health and the environment. The control of animal health is an essential activity because, in addition to protecting the state of health of different species, it guarantees food safety and hygiene.

The health of livestock primary production is the first link in the security of the food chain, in that it contributes to preventing the spread of diseases originating in animals which may be transmitted to humans (Zoonosis). As a result, correct animal health helps support human health.

Properly controlling the Animal Health of these populations helps to guarantee the development of a healthy and competitive livestock sector with the best possible production yields, thus preventing declining production, increased mortality, restricted cattle movement and the closure of national and international markets.

Starting in the 1990s, the Tragsa Group and its Tragsatec subsidiary have played a key role in the prevention, control, eradication and fight against animal diseases throughout the national territory by participating in the execution of these Programmes via the provision of consultancy, laboratory diagnosis and field implementation services, both for domestic (ruminants, swine, poultry, etc.) and wild animal species.


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