Sanitation, health and food safety

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The Tragsa Group has more than 25 years working with the Public Administration on all matters concerning Sanitation (Animal, Plant and Human), Public Health and Food Safety, and as a result has managed to build highly specialized teams able to take on any challenge that comes their way. Today these teams are composed of professionals from 18 different degree areas and with proven experience (in some cases over 30 years).

Since the Group's beginnings in this field and thanks to its commitment to supporting rural areas, its activity has been developed in the field of Livestock, Agricultural and Forest Health, extending its range of action across the country and abroad, providing various administrations with the latest technical and scientific advances applied to the prevention, control and eradication of any disease or pest, in this way helping to strengthen these sectors of industry that are key to our country's economy and facilitating the opening of international markets to our products. 

Similarly, since 2005, this experience has been applied to Public Health and Food Safety, thus bringing the comprehensive health care cycle full circle. In this arena, it is working with the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, its agencies and other autonomous regions in the fight against diseases in people, drug control, evaluation of chemical products and other health hazards, promoting healthy lifestyles, medical treatment, vaccination programs, etc.

Its work in all these areas benefits from the most modern technology and traceability of medical processes, and tools indispensable to the success of its interventions. 

Finally, these teams have developed a high efficacy in controlling health and plant health emergencies, thanks to its experience in organizing immediate intervention systems, as has been demonstrated in various episodes such as swine flu, mad cow disease, bird flu, infection by the Ebola virus and outbreaks of plant pests (PWN, red palm weevil, etc.).

Relevant data on our interventions in Sanitation, Health and Food Safety:

- More than 25 years of experience

- Approximately 1,100 employees on average

- In 2015, 185 interventions were carried out

- Scope of national and international action

- 15 completed projects, one in progress.

- 8.8% of activities devoted to Health, relative to total Tragsa Group activity.

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