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One of the main areas where Tragsa Group serves administrations is the area of infrastructure. The technical means which provides for the execution of infrastructure and public buildings makes the most varied construction works are carried out.

The Tragsa Group has performed works of civil engineering land, river, maritime and air covering the entire process: design, production, management and repair of all types of structures for public use: platforms, jetties, walkways, observatories, viewpoints, steps, fauna, rural roads, recreational areas, parks and gardens. Urbanisation, heliports and communication infrastructures are also addressed.

If the Tragsa Group participates in a project, the infrastructure safety meet deadlines, budgets and the strictest quality parameters. Under the law, the execution of works is included in an instrument approach that is subject to mandatory strategic environmental assessment process.

Relevant data from our infrastructure business:

  • More than 36 years of experience
  • More than 1,800 employees in road infrastructure
  • More than 1,100 performances in 2013
  • Scope national action and international
  • R&D&i: 5 projects in development
  • 23 activity dedicated to infrastructure with respect to the total of the activity of the Tragsa Group

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