Health and Safety

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The Grupo Tragsa commitment to Safety and Health is one of the principles that govern its social and economic ideology, and a demand for continuous compliance that ensures the welfare of its employees and partners.

The Grupo Tragsa has established an occupational hazard prevention policy aimed at improving working conditions, based on ongoing training, actively involving and informing its employees about their obligations and responsibilities, so as to achieve a true culture of prevention.

Operators performing management tasks, control and eradication of bird flu outbreak  

The Grupo Tragsa has a Prevention Management System that consists of two basic tools:

  •  A Prevention Plan, which defines the systematic approach to carrying out any specific activity, including performance standards for effective prevention, both in the workplace and on the different projects or activities.
  • A Joint Prevention Department, which enables coordinating preventive activities thanks to a multidisciplinary, qualified and knowledgeable team that provides advice and ongoing assistance in the four preventive disciplines: Safety in the Workplace, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics and Applied Psychosociology, and Occupational Medicine.

Its main duties are:

  • To maintain and continuously evaluate the Grupo Tragsa System for Managing the Prevention of Occupational Hazards.
  • To design and implement the Preventive Action Plans and Programs in each of the company's areas of activity.
  • To advise and assist all the workers in the different levels of the organization in carrying out the preventive activities assigned to them.

This Management System regularly undergoes internal and external auditing, having obtained the certificate of compliance with the Law on Prevention, Regulations on Prevention Services, and specific rules and regulations in force.


Grupo Tragsa operatives performing cutting down palm tree afected by the red palm weevil 

The Grupo Tragsa understands that Training in Prevention is the essential tool to achieve a Culture of Prevention able to increase the high level of safety that it already maintains in all its activities, as demonstrated by the certifications obtained and the low rates of incidents.  

Chart Incidence Rate by Company and Sector Reference

Those responsible for this success are the employees themselves - from the technical staff to the construction staff - all of whom receive a high level of training and are involved in Occupational Hazard Prevention.

Within the last year, we have given more than 31,800 hours of training, which makes the Grupo Tragsa one of the Spanish companies with the highest investment in this area.

The Grupo Tragsa is approved by the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción (Labor Foundation for Construction) as a training centre for Occupational Hazard Prevention, which enables it to comply with the General Agreement for the Construction Sector.

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