Development Cooperation Projects

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The Solidarity Fund of the Tragsa Group was founded in 2004 to support non-governmental social initiatives. Established with contributions from the Group’s economic activity, the management of the Fund is entrusted to the Cooperation Committee, composed of the workers social representation and members of the Company's Management, who select the projects, monitor them and prepare the conditions on which the annual calls are based.

Beneficiary of a cooperation proyect

When it comes to selecting initiatives, the following considerations are among those taken into account: the experience of NGOs in cooperation and awareness projects; that the actions in question take place in countries where the Tragsa Group has a presence in order to supervise the projects; and that their scope falls within the Group’s lines of action.

2017 Call

In the 2017 Call, a total of 16 proposals for project funding were received: 2 in Colombia, 3 in Ecuador, 7 in Peru, 1 in Paraguay and 3 in Mali.

The project that was finally awarded the funding was "Increasing the resilience of pastoralists and agro-pastoralists in the Kayes Cercle in Mali”, a proposal presented by the NGO Rescate Internacional.

Three food banks will be built on land released by local institutions to house the cattle feed required during periods of scarcity, avoiding food price speculation. Each bank will have a capacity of 80 tonnes.

The justification for the project is the vulnerability of pastoralists and agro-pastoralists to food crises prompted by short-term factors (fodder deficit, institutional crises, decreased access to animal feed) as well as structural factors. Access to livestock feed as a complement to natural pastures is an essential element to reducing the vulnerability of pastoral and agro-pastoral agricultural systems, improving the productivity of these systems and regulating transhumance flows.

The main resource-generating activity of the population in question is extensive cattle farming. The Tragsa Group has also set up a project with AECID that is complementary to this Agreement and that takes place in Niger.

2016 Call

This call received a total of 16 proposals for development cooperation project funding: 7 in Ecuador, 6 in Peru, 2 in Paraguay and 1 in Mali.

The proposal that was finally selected to receive 30,000 euros was a Community Rural Development Plan from the Summa Humanitate Foundation involving 8 Communities of Santa Rosa de Misiones in Paraguay. The aim of the project was to generate economic activity and sustainable rural development in Paraguay, encouraging the active participation of the population, above all women, through the construction of a Community Centre hosting training courses and activities associated with the project.

2015 Call

The 2015 call supported a project in Peru involving Integral Development in the indigenous communities of Uros Capu in Puno promoted by the NGO Manos Unidas. The project enabled us to contribute to strengthening the capacities of 120 families mainly belonging to the Quechua and Aymara native communities via aquaculture development, sustainable productivity and the promotion of hygienic-nutritional habits.

Participating in the project of integral development of indigenous communities

Current balance

Since the Cooperation Committee was created, numerous projects relating to health, education, emergency, agriculture, environment, water and sanitation have been funded in different countries, mainly in Latin America and Africa. The Solidarity Fund’s main figures since its establishment are:

  • 19 partner NGOs
  • 24 subsidised projects
  • 12 aid receiving countries
  • More than 1,500,000 euros of charitable funds contributed by the Tragsa Group

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