Innovation (R&D&i)

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One of the most important characteristics of the Grupo Tragsa is its firm commitment to innovation with the aim of increasing and improving its capacity to respond to the demands of its customers and expand its offer of services.

It makes a significant investment in R&D&I projects each year, which has enabled it to design and develop numerous tools and pioneering solutions in areas such as the use of agricultural and forestry biomass as energy; the integrated management of water; geographic information systems; monitoring of the marine protected area; food traceability; the improvement and conservation of forest genetic resources, and the management and prevention of emergencies.

Since 1997, which was founded Grupo Tragsa, R&D&I activities have been becoming more diversified and increasingly more technological, as a result of working with many institutions and agencies at the national and international level, making it one of the most advanced companies in its sector. It is currently involved in 22 R&D&I projects, in cooperation with more than 160 institutions from both Spain and countries such as France, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Norway, Czech Repuplic, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and Estonia.

The R&D&I projects are distributed into 5 areas that have been selected taking into account the thematic priorities of the EU policies on this matter, as well as the current and potential needs of the public administrations. These areas are:

  • Integrated Water Management
  • Natural and Marine Environment
  • Rural and Food and Agricultural Environment
  • Health and Livestock Services
  • Information and Communication Technologies


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