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The Grupo Tragsa consists of companies whose capital is wholly state-owned: Tragsa (Empresa de Transformación Agraria, S.A.), Tragsatec (Tecnologías y Servicios Agrarios, S.A.), Tragsa Brasil Desenvolvimento de Projetos Agrarios Ltd. and CYTASA, (Colonización y Transformación Agraria S.A.).

The legal status of Tragsa and Tragsatec is regulated by the 25th Additional Provision of Spanish Royal Legislative Decree 3/2011, of November 14, which approved the revised text of the Law on Public Sector Contracts (Spanish Official Gazette (BOE) of November 16, 2011), which entered into force on December 16, 2011, as well as by Royal Decree 1072/2010, of August 20, establishing the legal status of the company Empresa de Transformación Agraria, S.A. and its subsidiaries (BOE of September 8, 2010).

Tragsa and Tragsatec are set up as in-house providing companies which supply technical services to the central government, the autonomous communities and the contracting authorities dependent on them, therefore being obliged to exclusively perform all the work that these bodies assign to them, in the areas which form part of their corporate purposes, giving special priority to those that are urgent or that are ordered as a result of declared emergency situations.

Tragsa was created by Spanish Royal Decree 379/1977, of January 21, which authorized the establishment of the company Empresa de Transformación Agraria, S.A.

The creation of Tragsatec was authorized by agreement of the Council of Ministers on June 2, 1989.

COLONIZACIÓN Y TRANSFORMACIÓN AGRARIA, S.A., (CYTASA) is a public limited company established in Paraguay, fully owned by TRAGSA. It was incorporated in Asunción (Paraguay) on November 13, 1978, and its corporate purpose is agricultural colonization and transformation, and any prior or follow-up activity, or any activity that is related to these purposes.

TRAGSA BRASIL DESARROLLO DE PROYECTOS AGRARIOS, LTDA, is a limited liability company, in which Empresa de Transformación Agraria, S.A. (TRAGSA) holds an 80% interest, and TECNOLOGIAS Y SERVICIOS AGRARIOS, S.A (TRAGSATEC) holds a 20% interest, with the same corporate purpose as the aforementioned companies. Its incorporation was approved by the Council of Ministers on January 11, 2013, and its articles of incorporation were drawn up on March 4, 2013.

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