Members of the Board

Tragsa Board

Chairman/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jesús Casas Grande

Secretary (Non board member).

Tomás Suárez-Inclán González. State Legal Service Head. MAPA

Assistant Secretary (Non board memeber).

Guillermo Martínez de Simón Santos. Legal Advisory and Compliance Director. TRAGSA.

Members of the board

Mª Isabel Aguilar Pastor. Deputy Director General of Programming and Coordination of the Directorate-General for Agricultura and Rural Development.MAPA

Ángel Álvarez Quintana. Construction and Services. FECOMA-CCOO.

Juan Carlos Barrero Mancha.Sectoral Secretary. Construction and Building Materials. UGT-FICA.

María Ángeles Blanco Castejón.Technical Advisor to the Minister´s Office.MAPA

Ignacio Gutiérrez Gilsanz. Deputy Director General of Organization, Planning and Resources Management. Ministry of Finance and State Administration.

Generalitat Valenciana. Representative Andreu Iranzo Navarro. Director General of Financing and European Funds.

José MarMarcos Lillo Pérez.Head fo the Budget Office. Ministry of Finance and State Administration.

Asunción López Rodríguez. Secretary General of the Spanish Agricultural Guarantee Fund (FEGA).​ MAPA.

María Luz Gómez-Jover Torregrosa. Head of the Undersecretariat Technical Office. MAPA.

Teresa Molina Schmid. Molina Schmid. Deputy Director General of Inspection Control. MAPA.

Ángel Muñoz Cubillo. Deputy Director General of Coastal Protection.MAPA.

Pedro Pablo Núñez Domingo.Núñez Domingo. Director of Participated II.SEPI.

Manuel Pablos López. Head of Office. Secretary General of Fising.MAPA.

Ismael Aznar Cano. Office Director of the Secretary State for the Environment. (MITECO).

Tragsatec Board


Jesús Casas Grande


Secretary (Non board member).


Luciano Más Villarroel. Deputy Director General of Advisory Services. Sate Legal Service. Ministry of Justice.

Vice-secretary (Non board member).

Guillermo Martínez de Simón Santos. Legal Advisory and Compliance Director.TRAGSA.


Members of the board

Ignacio Atance Muñiz. Deputy Director General of Fruits and Vegetables, Olive Oil and Viticulture. MAPA.

Isabel Bonelli Jáudenes. State Attorney. Environmental Area Head. MAPA.

Ramón de la Figuera Morales.Deputy Director General of Regional Fishing Agreements and Organisations. MAPA.

Antonio José García de la Paz.. Deputy Director General of IT Inspection System. MAPA.

Inés García García. Deputy Director Investees II. SEPI.

Paloma García-Galán San Miguel. Deputy Director General of Legislation and Regulations. MAPA.

Luis Javier Romero Hinjos. MinDeputy Director General of Property Taxex, Fees and Public Prices. Ministry of Finance and State Administration.

Mª del Pilar Vara del Río. HDeputy Director General  for the Protection of Fishing Resources. MAPA.

Emilio Viciana Duro. Assistant Director General. Secretariat of the Administrative Contracting Advisory Board. Ministry of Finance and State Administration.

Pedro Pascual Yenes García. Deputy Director General of FEGA Agricultural Funds. MAPA.

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