Remunerations and allowances of the head of company

Remunerations and allowances of the head of company

In accordance with the 5/2006 Law of April 10, regulating conflicts of interest of members of the Government and of Senior Officers of the General State Administration, the only Senior Officer that coincides with being the head of the company is the President Salaries are regulated by the 451/2012 Royal Decree of March 5.

This includes the emoluments of the company heads and managers of public sector companies and other entities, as well as the Order of the Ministry of Finance and the Public Administration of March 30 of 2012 that develops it.

The annual gross remunerations received by the President of Grupo Tragsa for 2013, totaled 183,205.07 euros.

During 2013 there was no allowance for a senior officer or head of the company.

Remuneration 2017

The gross annual remuneration of Grupo Tragsa president in 2017 came to 121.039,52 euros, corresponding to the peiod between 28 February, the date on wich she joined the company, and 31 December. In addition, from 1 January to 27 February 2017, the date on which the previous president of the company stepped down, the latter received a gross annual payment of 80.882,45 euros (including the settlement).


Incompatibilities are regulated by the 53/1984 Law of December 26, on incompatibilities of staff working for the Public Administration and in the 598/1985 Royal Decree of April 30, on incompatibilities of employees working for the State Administration, Social Security and its Authorities, agencies and subsidiaries. Information regarding compatibilities Resolutions can be checked in the Transparency Portal of the General State Administration.

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